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Peas-of-Cake Lunch for Monday

When the ingredients are fresh, making lunches is an art project: an experience full of color, fun, and creativity.


Tomatoes Take Stage

I got a great surprise from a friend this week: desert-grown, garden-fresh tomatoes and basil. I ate half of the gift at dinner and saved the rest for a leading role in my lunch. The Menu: Blueberry-Mango Smoothie with Coconut Milk and Basil Simplicity Salad (chopped snap peas and white beans) On sourdough toast, “Some Assembly Required” Bruschetta […]

A TV Breakfast

I have been catching up on Mad Men, and season six has inspired me to get in the kitchen to try something. This happened after two characters go to Los Angeles to meet with the Carnation Company about their Instant Breakfast product. In the episode, tall glasses of chocolaty milk gleam on the conference table, and I have been thinking about […]

Short & Sweet

There’s nothing complicated about this: it’s a smoothie with four ingredients, and one of them is water. Could something so simple be so delicious? Yes! The Sweet & Simple Strawberry-Mango Smoothie 7 strawberries 1 champagne mango 1.5 tablespoons of almond butter 1 cup of filtered water Directions: Rinse the strawberries. Slice or pull off the green tops. Stand the mango […]

The Argument for Breakast

One secret to a having a good, healthy lunch is having breakfast. It’s easy to skip or skimp on this meal, but the truth is, bad breakfasts often lead to sugar-deprived decisions about food. How often have you been so hungry at 10:00 am that you’ve ruined lunch with a trip to a vending machine? Goji Berry & Banana […]

Color Wheel Cooking

Sadly, it’s quite easy to make a putridly gray or brown smoothie. That’s why, when making smoothies or juices, I  always invoke an early memory of art class: that lesson on color theory via the color wheel. Here, in this recipe, I stuck to two of the primary colors (blue and yellow-blueberries and pineapple) and […]

An Endless Pot of Quinoa

Leftover rice pilafs and quinoa, scooped on top of fresh greens with an interesting topping, make a hearty one-container lunch. Next time you make one these as sides for dinner, throw in a little extra.  Having that prepared ahead is really helpful during a busy week. The Menu: Brunch To-Go: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Entrée: Leftover […]