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Peas-of-Cake Lunch for Monday

When the ingredients are fresh, making lunches is an art project: an experience full of color, fun, and creativity.


A Tea Time Comeback

I’m happy to say that my writing break is over, and I’m coming back to the blog with some new recipes for fall and winter lunches.

Bicoastal Tacos

Yesterday, I made tortillas (for Taco Tuesday) with flour from my home state of Maine. The tortillas and other dinner leftovers became Wednesday’s packed lunch.

Purses Can Be Picnic Baskets

On-the-go lunches don’t have to involve the drive-thru rush, styrofoam takeout waste, or waiting in lunch-hour lines. It can just be delicious.

Tomatoes Take Stage

I got a great surprise from a friend this week: desert-grown, garden-fresh tomatoes and basil. I ate half of the gift at dinner and saved the rest for a leading role in my lunch. The Menu: Blueberry-Mango Smoothie with Coconut Milk and Basil Simplicity Salad (chopped snap peas and white beans) On sourdough toast, “Some Assembly Required” Bruschetta […]

Kumquat Gold

Kumquats are in season in Southern California. I got my second bag of them this week in my CSA. To combat the bitter flavor in the kumquats I received this week, I decided to make a “jam” out of dates and kumquats. I stuck to raw food techniques for this recipe, which means it is easy and […]

Did Someone Say Spring?

Spring! It’s here. My CSA box this week was full of color to prove it. There were purple, yellow, and orange carrots, grapefruits, new potatoes, broccoli, and spring onions. Trying to use up some leftover potatoes from last night’s dinner, I decided to make a colorful potato salad for lunch. The Menu: Colorful Potato Salad Mint […]