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Cool Beans Lunch

When packed well, dinner leftovers make the best lunches. Tonight, we had homemade tortillas filled with mung beans or beef braised in enchilada sauce and topped with a simple kale and apple slaw. As I cleared away dinner, I realized all I needed was three more things to make a good lunch for tomorrow: a dash of hummus (I recommend always […]

Bicoastal Tacos

Yesterday, I made tortillas (for Taco Tuesday) with flour from my home state of Maine. The tortillas and other dinner leftovers became Wednesday’s packed lunch.

Did Someone Say Spring?

Spring! It’s here. My CSA box this week was full of color to prove it. There were purple, yellow, and orange carrots, grapefruits, new potatoes, broccoli, and spring onions. Trying to use up some leftover potatoes from last night’s dinner, I decided to make a colorful potato salad for lunch. The Menu: Colorful Potato Salad Mint […]

A Delicious Oxymoron

I would describe this hefty vegetarian sandwich (one that’s only a small step away from being vegan) with this word: beefy. Mushroom & Carrot Deli Sandwich: 2 slices of rye bread 1/4 cup of hummus 1 medium-sized carrot, sliced into ribbons 1/2 of a spring onion, cut into discs 1 swish chard leaf, de-stemmed and ripped into […]

This is Nuts

Yes, this taco “meat” is made out of ground nuts. I know that sounds nuts, but it’s not! This is an incredible raw-food vegan technique that involves grinding soft pecans and hemp seed hearts with taco spices and oil. The result is a flavor-rich taco filling with universal appeal. No matter where you are on […]

Wardrobe Update: A New Dressing

It’s time to toss out the old mayonnaise and update your chicken salad’s wardrobe with this spicy hot sweet potato dressing. It is delicious, creamy, colorful, and nutrient rich (potassium, folate, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C!). Since it will keep for 1-2 days, you can make it ahead and make your morning lunch assembly a […]

Cream of the Crop

The Menu: Carrot & Radish Ceviche with Spinach-Basil Cream Brown Butter Cornbread with Spinach-Basil Cream The Containers: 1 upcycled plastic container 1 partitioned metal container 1 small piece of parchment paper The Recipes: Carrot & Radish Ceviche with Spinach-Basil Cream: 1 medium-sized carrot 1 radish 1 lemon 1 pinch of red pepper flakes 1 pinch […]