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Every Day There Can Be Hummus

I love to make colorful variations of hummus: purple beet root hummus, bright orange red lentil hummus, and even a lime green version like the one I made today with frozen peas.


Peas-of-Cake Lunch for Monday

When the ingredients are fresh, making lunches is an art project: an experience full of color, fun, and creativity.

Last Bits of Everything Granola

Today, I had too many almost empty containers in my pantry, so I cobbled together a granola for snacks in my lunches this week. Last Bits of Everything Granola Ingredients: 3 small handfuls of almonds (slivered and shaved) 7 turkish apricots 5 medjool dates 1 heaping spoonful of eucalyptus honey 1/4 cup of water 1 cup of rolled […]

Cool Beans Lunch

When packed well, dinner leftovers make the best lunches. Tonight, we had homemade tortillas filled with mung beans or beef braised in enchilada sauce and topped with a simple kale and apple slaw. As I cleared away dinner, I realized all I needed was three more things to make a good lunch for tomorrow: a dash of hummus (I recommend always […]

A Tea Time Comeback

I’m happy to say that my writing break is over, and I’m coming back to the blog with some new recipes for fall and winter lunches.

Bicoastal Tacos

Yesterday, I made tortillas (for Taco Tuesday) with flour from my home state of Maine. The tortillas and other dinner leftovers became Wednesday’s packed lunch.

This is My Bread and Butter

Farmers' markets are always fun to visit. Sometimes great recipe ideas come from chatting with the farmer at the stand.