Peas-of-Cake Lunch for Monday

When the ingredients are fresh, making lunches is an art project: an experience full of color, fun, and creativity.

I had no recipe to start crafting this lunch, just a star lineup of great produce. This workday meal features blue podded peas, garlic, and cilantro from Wild Willow Farm; a sourdough loaf from the Prager Brothers; dried hibiscus flowers from Coronado Spices & Teacommunity garden kale; and farmers market cherimoya, tomatoes, and carrots.

Here’s how it all came together:

For the smoothie, I blended frozen pulp from one half of a large cherimoya, a hearty handful of red Russian kale, 2 tablespoons of cooked amaranth, and about a cup of water.




In the food processor: red Russian kale, 2 tbs of cooked amaranth, and frozen cherimoya.


The ingredients all blended together without water.


With just a touch of water, this mason jar will be full and ready to be tucked in the fridge.

For a light lunch, I created a tidy smorgasbord of goat cheese, great bread, and fresh veggies.


A beautiful Wild Willow Farm blue podded pea.


Chopped up and tossed together, this trio of garlic, shelled peas (plus a few of the most tender pods), and cilantro makes a sweet little pairing with goat cheese.

The goat cheese is topped with coriander, cayenne, black pepper, sea salt, and poppy seeds, one of my favorite spice combinations.


This bread is just heavenly.


This partitioned container is keeping the goat cheese, the pea-cilantro-garlic salad, an heirloom tomato, and rainbow carrot sticks safe until lunch tomorrow.


The cinnamon and dried hibiscus pair so wonderfully together. I got the idea from


Now, this is a lunch! In the upper right corner is an upcycled glass juice container with dried hibiscus flowers and a quarter of a cinnamon stick. I filled the container with water and stuck it in the fridge for a homemade cold-brew tea.

Idea credit for cold-brew, hibiscus and cinnamon tea comes from this post by The Kitchn.


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