Pie in the Sky


The best souvenir from my trip to Maine was this slice of my dad’s pie. I packed it for the plane ride west.

The Menu:

  • Wild Raspberry Pie
  • Farro Pilaf with Spinach Salad
  • Hummus & Carrots


The Containers:

  • 2 upcycled plastic containers
  • wax paper
  • 1 spoon, with the end broken off

The Recipes:

Wild Raspberry Pie:

  • 1 piece of raspberry pie, sliced like an equilateral triangle
  • a little extra bit of pie


  1. Put the pie slice in the container.
  2. Slice or break off the pie’s upper crust. Set it next to the pie on one side.
  3. Stuff as much of the extra bit of pie into the container.
  4. Secure the container lid.


Farro Pilaf with Spinach Salad and Hummus & Carrots:

  • 1/2 cup of farro pilaf
  • 1/2 cup of spinach
  • 1 tbs of cilantro hummus
  • 2 small carrots


Eating spinach with a spoon was a little difficult. Next time, I would make the spinach spoon-friendly by giving it a coarse chop.


  1. Set the spinach at the bottom of the container. Cut a circle of wax paper and lay it on top of the spinach.
  2. Spoon the farro pilaf on top of the paper and off to one side of the container.
  3. Scoop the the hummus on top of the paper and next to the farro.
  4. Scrub the carrots, and slice them into coins or thin chips. Put them next to the hummus.
  5. Cut another circle of wax paper, and set the spoon on top. Secure the lid.


When the flight attendants came by with the beverage service, I asked for tea. Then I enjoy the meal and the scenery.


One comment

  1. Maine Loon Watcher · · Reply

    Raspberries are my favorite. The upcycled containers have had a long useful journey! Going to save some disposable forks and have them shortened and ready to go for lunch!

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