Monthly Archives: November 2013

Pie in the Sky

The best souvenir from my trip to Maine was this slice of my dad’s pie. I packed it for the plane ride west. The Menu: Wild Raspberry Pie Farro Pilaf with Spinach Salad Hummus & Carrots The Containers: 2 upcycled plastic containers wax paper 1 spoon, with the end broken off The Recipes: Wild Raspberry […]

Have Picnic – Will Travel

I made this picnic for three to take on a day trip to Eastport, Maine, the easternmost city in the United States. Each container contains a personalized sandwich. There is turkey for my dad, sunflower seed butter and jelly for my mom, and deconstructed egg salad for me. We all have a nice serving of […]

Delicious Déjà Vu

What is better than a dinner of homemade pizza with fresh homemade mozzarella? I do not hesitate to say it’s the leftovers. I also believe this is true for most of the meals we have taken the time to make from scratch. It is because the leftovers from a great meal can become the superstar of […]

Variations on a Theme

Bread ends are such a treat. Hollowed out, they are perfect foundations for fresh, open-faced sandwiches. This big scoop of a bread held six layers of ingredients, and I got to enjoy more treasures from Saturday’s trip to the Maine Harvest Festival. I recommend using the rest of the bread to make croutons (for soup and […]

Celebrating Simplicity

I went to the Maine Harvest Festival today and bought some amazing ingredients: fresh Maine cheese, fall radishes, Arkansas black apples, savory seaweed crackers, and, harvested from home, thyme from my parent’s garden. I want to honor these ingredients by enjoying them in their simplest forms, so I turned to the most classically simple lunch I know: the […]

In-Flight Meal

Buying a healthy lunch in the airport is challenging. So many circumstances can prevent us from finding a light and nourishing meal. To name a few, there are stressfully short layovers, lackluster options near the gate, exhaustion, and tight travel budgets. Since a dissatisfying meal is no way to kick off a good trip, I […]

Color Wheel Cooking

Sadly, it’s quite easy to make a putridly gray or brown smoothie. That’s why, when making smoothies or juices, I  always invoke an early memory of art class: that lesson on color theory via the color wheel. Here, in this recipe, I stuck to two of the primary colors (blue and yellow-blueberries and pineapple) and […]