Monthly Archives: October 2013

Two Tricks for Making Treats

Happy Halloween! The first trick is a to-go style of lunch. This one is great for a busy errand day. I made this sandwich set for the movers who packed up my things earlier this week. The guys had a long day and no lunch plans, so I helped them out. Since it was raining, I […]

It Takes Two

The Menu: Trio of Greens Salad with Dressed Cannellini Beans and Zucchini-Persimmon Sauté Bread & Cheddar Slices This two-container lunch is easy to pack and carry.  To make it, I revisited yesterday’s theme of efficiency. I made big salads again for dinner, plus one extra for lunch. The Containers: 1 shallow Pyrex dish 1 upcycled […]

Taking Care of (a lot of) Business

Cloning dinner is my most efficient way to pack a fresh lunch. Complex salads work as well in the lunch bag as they do at the dinner table. A simultaneous arrangement of dinner on the plate and lunch in the container is an easy way to get two things done at once. The Menu: Appetizer: […]

Delightful Leftovers

The Menu: “Chips & Dip” Appetizer: Sun Dried Tomato Hummus with Fresh Veggie Chips Entrée: Side Salad with Herbs & Pre-Packed Leftovers (Beef Stew) Dessert: Dark Chocolate Pieces & Pistachios Snack: Apple & Pita Chips Second Snack: Coconut Chia Seed Pudding The Containers: 1 Ziploc container 1 divided metal container 2 upcycled plastic containers 2 […]

The Weekend Advantage

Over the weekend, it’s easy to get a leg up on weekday lunches. To get my first head start, I turn to leftovers from Saturday or Sunday dinner. The key to turning my leftovers into lunches is how I put them away in the fridge. On Saturday, I made a big pot of beef stew. […]

A No-Knife, Jiffy Lunch

Some nights, lots of things are going on, and I need to pack my lunch quickly. Normally, that means my knives stay in the block, and I assemble straight from the fridge and pantry.  I pick a lonely ingredient, like the last bit of romaine lettuce, and search for its perfect pair (example of this […]

Sandwich Architecture

Sandwich architecture is important. Before creating one, I try to visualize potential structural problems. Doing this ahead of time helps me decide how to slice ingredients, and how to assemble them all in the end.  In this sandwich, the beet slices are my problem. They are all different sizes, they are slippery, and they also […]